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Traditional command-control frameworks are vanishing from the landscape of thriving organizations. Together with them, commanders in chief are also being replaced by different styles of horizontal leadership. This new way of leading is gaining momentum as new generations no longer recognize traditional institutions and are looking for soft relationships at the office.

The art of essential leadership is now more pivotal than ever before. In the past, powerful leaders used to receive support from all sorts of symbols and rituals reinforcing their status and strengths. In the old days, setting the tone from the top was less complex and less time consuming.

Nowadays, the art of essential leadership means maintaining the old golden principles, such as work ethics, transparency, political savviness, managing by objectives, strategic foresight, social influence, courage and drive for execution. But it is now also involving contemporary critical aspects such as extensive collaboration, learning agility, ambiguity management, authentic connections, emotional intelligence and holistic health equilibrium.

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