New ways of working

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Reset and Reframe
Global talents and high-performance teams are even more scarce in our digital world. Long-term loyalty and attachment to stability are now being replaced by work experience and purpose alignment as key engagement drivers.

People are no longer planning their lives around the same kind of job at the same company. Multiple contracts, mission recruitment, flexible relations and fluid teams are now designing the work environment for millions of employees. Workforce planning is more complex than ever before. It is no longer possible to ensure that current potential talents will in fact become future great assets as people are leaving their jobs after a few years.

It is also surreal to anticipate the pivotal capabilities for this ambiguous future. Henceforth, new ways of working also imply that talent sourcing will become an even more critical competitive advantage in our near future. But this is not the end of big business! It is just time for us to reset and reframe.

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