Social transition

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A New Era for Humankind
Recent social upheavals might be seen as signs of a new era for humankind. The turn of the century brought fresh ideas that are dismantling several traditional institutions from past centuries. Governments, churches, families, police officers, armies, schools and companies are under the scrutiny of public opinion.It is reasonable to argue that we are now rewriting social contracts.

And organizations are undoubtedly affected by these new social norms. Large businesses are relatively recent in the history of humankind. They eventually became the norm by the early years of the 20th century and have been shaping the world in all aspects of our lives ever since.

However, the current social transition is also a challenge to big companies. First, public trust in corporations is lower than ever before, whilst value creation now needs to encompass multistakeholder perspectives. Meanwhile, investors are demanding short term results, consumers are requiring new value propositions and employees are seeking new possibilities in their relationship with employers.

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